Installation Instructions

Install support for Crystal Reports using the following installer: Crystal Reports Runtime

Install SQL Server Desktop Version: SQL Server Desktop Edition

  • Open the Control Panel and select Administrative Tools.
  • Double click on the Services icon.
  • Start the MS SQL Server service.

Install the SeedVue software: SeedVue Installer

Create the folder C:\mssql on the C drive.

Download the Demo Database here:
Unzip it and save the bak file to the deskop or somewhere easy to find.
Run the app, login with user sa and no password and change the database to master.
Click on the Administration menu and select Import / Export Data…
Click on the Restore Database button and import the bak file downloaded from the link above.
Click on Administration and select Options and set the following settings:
  SQL Server:
  SQL Port: 1433
  SQL Server Database: SeedMan
  SQL Server Login: sa
  SQL Server Password: password
Click OK which will cause it to save these settings to the registry.